Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pixi Love

   For the last month or so I've been trying out these two products from Pixi, a brand who had never appeared on my radar until the full-blown frenzy that surrounded the Glow Tonic (apparently it is very similar to the vastly more expensive but supposedly miraculous P50 from Biologique Recherche). 

   With a reassuring familiar ingredients list, plus the absence of alcohol, the Glow Tonic is everything I had hoped it would be.  I tend to only use it in the mornings as a bit of a post-cleansing pep-up, rather than at night and I find this routine works well for me and that my skin looks all the brighter and smoother for it.  This isn't the only glycolic acid product I have in my rotation, I'm still a huge Liquid Gold fan, however I tend to use that once a week and then skip using the Glow Tonic the following morning.

   The Beauty Sleep Creme was much more of an impulse buy, having read absolutely nothing on it previously.  However, spurned on by the fact I have never read a single negative review of a Pixi product and that it was the same deal with the friendly-looking ingredients list as with the Glow Tonic, I thought it would be worth giving it a go.  Despite it's slightly funky colour, this feels wonderfully soothing and hydrating.  According to the ingredients, it contains avocado, wheat germ and hazelnut oil, as well as extracts of elderflower, cucumber, chamomile and orange peel.  I can also spy the ol' skincare favourite vitamin E on there, as well as live yeast cell derivative, which in my humble opinion, should be the star of the show, given how there are numerous scientific journal articles on live yeast cell derivative's action in improving the rate and quality of wound healing. 

   On a slightly less scientific note, I also think it's worth mentioning that despite spending a lot of time in -15/-20 weather this winter, coupled with the equally harsh central heating, I did not develop a single dry patch which is a minor miracle.  Touch wood, I've also been remarkably breakout free (an even bigger miracle), so all in all, my face is very happy with the new Pixi additions.

   I'll try and get a full review up sometime soon on these products individually, but I thought for now I'd share what I thought of them so far.

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  1. I finally managed to get my paws on this a few days ago and I'm very excited to try it :o) Xx

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