Friday, 7 June 2013

The Summer Foundation Switch Part 1: Vichy Dermablend

   This post has been a long time in the making! If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I've been on the search for a decent summer foundation. Something with decent coverage, a high SPF and something long-wearing and sweat-proof! 

Vichy Dermablend in 25 Nude plus Real Techniques Buffing brush (excuse the toilet roll, the pot is very messy!)
   I obtained samples of the Vichy Dermablend foundation in the shades 15 Opal and 25 Nude and after trying them both on, it is safe to say that Nude is far too dark for my skin. I was drawn to Dermablend because of its reputation as being fantastic for covering acne, and also because being SPF 35, it is virtually unrivalled in high-factor-foundation department.

   I applied both foundations with the Real Techniques Buffing brush and over the top of the foundation, I added some concealer under my eyes, a bit of eyeshadow mascara, some powder and some blush. In fact, I put identical products on afterwards for both shades of Dermablend.

Foundation (25 Nude) alone, plus fluffy hair

   The first thing I noticed about the foundation is how heavy it is. It's so pigmented that when I first applied it, I put on far too much, looked ridiculous and had to start again! I've since got the hang of it, but I still think it weighs very heavily on your skin and feels like a mask.

Foundation (25 Nude) plus rest of makeup!
   I found that Dermablend was fantastic for covering up blemishes and any red marks from previous spots. It didn't look overly cakey, despite feeling very heavy. I hardly had to use any concealer with this foundation, and I really did put the lightest layer on that I could manage. Although not cakey, it didn't look all that "skin-like", however after powder, I think it sat a lot better and looked more natural.

Not a match for my neck! (Looking a little alarmed as I'm leaning back quite far)
   I hope that the above photo illustrates how dark the Nude shade is! It didn't look quite so orange in my bedroom, but by the unforgiving light with the front door open, you can see it had a real peachy/orange tone to it.

Vichy Dermablend 15 Opal alone
   The 15 Opal shade was a much better match for my skin tone, however, it was slightly too yellow at first, although it seemed to settle down. I wouldn't say it was a perfect match, perhaps a little dark and yellow still, however nothing a good blend wouldn't sort out (and powder and bronzer and blush etc.)!

Vichy Dermablend 15 Opal plus rest of makeup
   As above, the foundation did feel very mask-like and heavy, however I think it's fantastic at creating a flawless base without looking like you've been heavy-handed.


These are from the same day, I just changed my top after spilling a drink down myself!

End of the day: Vichy Dermablend 15 Opal
   The main downside was that I found the foundation didn't last very long on my skin. Or rather it was still there, it looked pretty bad after a six or so hours. Although I don't have particularly oily skin, I found that my skin was looking really quite greasy and, when looking closely, the foundation had very much caked and I was looking very "porey" . It seemed to have slid off the areas where I needed coverage the most. Maybe I should have tried topping it up with powder throughout the day but I wanted to see how much staying power it had after the initial application and powder setting.

Shiny nose
   I know a lot of people absolutely love Dermablend and I really thought I would too, however, the longevity of it is such a disappointment. I'd be happy with it if I was only going out for a few hours, but if I wanted something that was going to last all day, I wouldn't pick this one.

Have you tried Dermablend?
How did you find it?

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