Monday, 9 September 2013

The Perfect Nude

  I was always a natural, no nail polish kinda gal up until recently but I now cannot keep away from the stuff!  Although I currently love all shades of orange, mint and teal, some days I do want something more neutral and natural, although not as plain as bare nails.  However, finding the perfect natural nail polish is a lot harder than expected.  Every shade I had picked up previously was too pink or too brown, too dark or too translucent.  Simply disappointments.

  This Dior polish actually belongs to my aunt and as soon as I saw it at her house, I knew I had to borrow it for a extended period of time.  It is in the shade #115 Charnelle and is simply the perfect shade of nude, beautifully creamy with slightly pink undertones that suits my pale skin perfectly.  The brush is also really nice and wide making application a breeze; about the same width as an OPI brushes if not a little wider.  A few coats were needed to get a good amount of coverage, two or three should do the trick (which is still pretty good in comparison to other similar light shades on the market and it also dries very quickly) and the formula is really lovely and hardly streaks.  I managed to put this on in the dark last night with the only light from a film on my laptop and it still looks like a professional job, and I am in no way an expert nail painter - it's simply one of those polishes that you can't go wrong with.

   I now always sandwich polishes between the CND Sticky Base Coat and Seche Vite, both miracle workers, so I can't really comment on the lasting power of the polish alone, but I am on day four and no chipping whatsoever, whilst other lesser polishes would have at this point, even inside CND and Seche sandwich!  At £18, it's definitely a luxury lacquer, however this is something I can see myself using until the very last drop has to be syphoned out.  

   Also in the same Nude collection is the infamous Grege, as well as Trench and Dune, all of which look beautifully chic and sophisticated. 

What's your favourite favourite nude nail polish?

Have you tried any polishes from this collection?


  1. Its always a struggle for me too finding the perfect shade, but I will try this definetly!

    Viva la Trucco

  2. This looks amazing! I have never found a good nude polish, so I might have to give this a try. I'm a new follower :)