Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fuss free nails

I have no patience with nail polish. I can never seem to wait long enough for them to dry fully without smudging them, or if I have painted them before going to bed, I invariably have imprints from the cotton sheets in the morning. I've been thinking it over and I'm not sure if it's because I put too many coats on, or whether they're too thick, or that I'm not waiting long enough for them to dry. I think it could be a combination of these, plus my general lack of skill, and that most of my nail polishes need multiple coats for opacity.

I'd like to stress that I DO normally use a top coat and I still mess it up and/or chip it!

However, I picked up a couple of nail polishes the other day that seem idiot-proof. Both are from Topshop, whose nail varnishes I have never tried before (I know I'm really behind the times but I seem to have only bought OPI and Essie for the last year), and I was very impressed.

The first colour is this gorgeous rose gold colour called "Suffuse". In the bottle, the shade looks slightly orange and "off", but on the nails it dries to a beautiful colour. Even a friend, who usually not a fan of rose gold polish, commented on how pretty it was.

I tried my best to find good lighting on this dull day but I think it looks a little browner that it really is here

It's worth mentioning that I took these photos three days after painting them and in that time I went drunk bowling and out for a wild night too, as well as all the mundane, everyday tasks like washing up! Pretty impressive in my opinion for a polish to have survived so well after all that potential wear and tear as I honestly wouldn't have been surprised it half of it had fallen off by now.

The second colour I chose was this metallic, slightly frosty, pink called "Beam".

Although it is a beautiful colour, it is a little too pink for me on my fingernails. I will, however, probably have this on my toes all spring (I'm not counting the current weather as spring) and summer, too!

When I go home for a belated easter holiday next week I'm going to see how it holds up playing ponies to give it the most thorough road test I possibly can (I'll do a quick update then)! However, for now I'm going to say that the wear time is very good for both. It took a couple of days before it started to chip, which for me, was excellent as I've usually ruined it somehow within a couple of hours. I love, love, love the formula, it didn't smudge or crinkle and it dried extremely quickly and I mean TOTALLY dried, and so I didn't even use my Insta-dri top coat (in case I smudged that or it went bubbly). It was also opaque within two coats and was just a general joy to use. These are the kind of polishes that make me want to paint my nails on a regular basis, rather than just on special occasions!

It's definitely worth checking out the selection in Topshop. I'm completely clueless as to why I avoided them for so long. I picked both of these up for £7.20 (2 for £8 offer plus student discount), which I was thrilled about, frankly and I will definitely be picking up more. I'm already looking up swatches for other colours, I can feel a slight obsession coming on.

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