Monday, 3 March 2014

Exploring Percy & Reed

After having tried the No-Oil Oil (mentioned in this post) I had been very keen to try some more Percy & Reed products.  I finally picked up these two over the last week and it's love.

They're not the cheapest (although they are a comparative bargain to the likes of Oribe) but they do work.

I'm especially fond of the mousse.  I'm not a hairspray gal and hate the feeling of sticky product residue in hair, but this leaves no build up at all, just pure bouncy volume.  I'm sure my hair doubles in size whenever I use this.  Which I now do.  Nearly every time I wash it. 

The texturising spray is very different to others I have tried like the Charles Worthington and Tresemme, as it's for use on wet hair (which took me about a week to figure out. Whooops) but it gives hair a nice amount of grit without feeling grubby.  Hair is left looking really textured and undone but without taking away the shine.  The only negative I have with this one is that it can leave my hair feeling a dry at the ends, but nothing a little spot of hair oil can't sort out.

Have you tried any Percy & Reed products?

What are your favourite texturising sprays and mousses?

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